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Chelsea + Dumbo

As the in-house photographer for the handbag company Gunas NY, I get to shoot lifestyle photography quite often. Gunas is an independent high fashion label with a cause. All of their handbags are completely vegan and animal cruelty free. How could you not love that?!

During this particular shoot, we got to work in one of my favorite locations; Dumbo, Brooklyn. I've lived in Brooklyn for about eight years now, and I STILL get blown away by Dumbo’s beauty every time. Whether it be the views from Jane's Carousel, the brick paved streets, or that spectacular view of the Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street, every little corner is picture perfect. You can visit this neighborhood at any time and I can almost guarantee there will be a photo-shoot happening, a movie being filmed, or a couple getting married.

Before we begin working, I always like to take a look at all of the handbags we will be shooting for the day. That way I can assess what wardrobe will look best, and what colors to keep in mind. We ran into these adorable blue chairs that I knew would match perfectly with one of the handbags. Since Gunas takes pride in their products being animal cruelty free, we often like to shoot with pets as well. Usually it is a stranger’s cute dog that we see walking down the street. If you ask nicely, many people are willing to let you use their pet for the shot, and some pet owners are flattered when asked, which I absolutely love! It doesn’t get much easier to find a perfect location for a shoot than searching in a neighborhood like Dumbo.

If you're just starting out as a photographer or consider yourself a photography hobbyist , I highly recommend coming to visit!

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