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Kim + Washington Mews

I'm fortunate enough to live just a few subway stops away from some of the most iconic places in NYC. It makes my life as a photographer so much easier and enjoyable. Scouting locations can sometimes be difficult depending on your client’s vision for that shoot. I keep a pretty solid inventory of locations that I love and Washington Mews is one of my top 5 favorite spots.

Washington Mews is a gated cobble street located near Washington Square Park. As soon as you see it you feel as if you've traveled to a small little town off the coast of Italy. It’s exceptionally spectacular during the spring and summer when the flowers and vines are blooming.

For this particular shoot we wanted to keep it spring themed so we incorporated light wardrobe colors to match the flowers and handbags. We also wanted to include a day to night outfit and a black jumpsuit is always perfect for that. Kim, the model was super sweet. This was her third photo-shoot of the day but she was still going strong! People always think models have it easy, but believe me, it’s a lot harder than it looks!

If you're near Washington Square Park I highly suggest visiting Washington Mews. It will make for some awesome Instagram and Snapchat photos ;)

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