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Handmade Signature Pieces

With winter in full swing, I was thrilled to shoot a spring look-book with fun vibrant colors. The main challenge for this particular shoot was finding a space that had great textures, good lighting, and bright colors. I settled on Woops Bake Shop in my Brooklyn neighborhood. Not only do they serve the best coffee and baked goods but their interior design is also beautiful.

I have worked with the creators Tiffany and Cassandra from Handmade Signature Pieces before and I was so excited to photograph them again. Tiffany is a long-time family friend. It's always so much fun working with friends and making their vision and art come to life. Cassandra is a pretty talented photographer herself and I really enjoy collaborating with other creatives.

Both Tiffany and Cassandra create different pieces for their jewelry line so our main focus was to showcase them individually and then combining them in an effortless way. They each have their own unique style which I love. For wardrobe, we mainly stuck to light color palettes, and of course no spring look-book would be complete without flowers and plants!

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