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Kristen's Wedding + Floral Arrangements

As some of you know, I have a huge love for flowers and design. From home decor to events, I love putting together ideas for floral arrangements. When my friend Kristen asked for help designing her wedding flowers I immediately said, “Yes!”. Kristen is such a sweet and loving person so I knew working with her would be so much fun. I had also done the flower arrangements for my friend Lacie’s wedding and was pretty comfortable with the idea of doing another wedding.

The wedding was held at the Newburgh Brewing Company in Newburgh, NY. The space is absolutely gorgeous and it was a great canvas to start with. Since the tables were very large Kristen knew that she wanted an arrangement that would make the tables look full and lush. We played around with some ideas at the beginning but Kristen settled on wanting a table garland full of greenery, roses and baby’s breath. We also added an assortment of bottles with baby’s breath.

We had more greenery and roses than anticipated so I made a last minute decision to add two garlands going down the aisle. I absolutely loved this last minute touch. I think it was the perfect detail to tie in the ceremony decor. Kristen loved it as well which made me so happy.

After the ceremony we took the garlands and decorated it around their table. It made for the perfect photo backdrop. I of course had to get a quick photo of the bride with the gorgeous set up.

All in all it turned out to be an incredible night. Kristen and her husband Dan loved every single detail of their wedding which was the main goal. After months of planning it was such a pleasure to see their vision come to life.

Venue: Newburgh Brewing Company

Dress: Bhldn

Flowers: All flowers were bought at wholesale at Albion Wholesale Flowers in New York City’s flower district. If you ever need flowers at wholesale go there and ask for Leonard. They have the best flowers and the best prices.

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