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Barriga Family + Long Island

Very early on in my career, my family members were some of my first clients. The amount of support and love they give me is truly indescribable. I love working on shoots with my family because it gives me a chance to catch up with them and spend some quality time, all while taking really nice photos.

I was thrilled when my cousin Junior reached out to me to do a family shoot. His wife Cyndi looks like a modern day version of Pocahontas, and I was so excited to work with such a photogenic person. They also have two beautiful kids, Arkani and Mya.

When getting ready to photograph a family, I always like to talk about wardrobe and what sort of vision they have in mind. We chose to do a family style picnic setting at Arthur J. Henderickson Park on Long Island. Long Island has some of the best settings for family and children photography. We also picked light airy colors for wardrobe that goes great with the spring season. I always like to have families in similar color palette but I tend to stay away from each member wearing the same exact thing.

I love to photograph families in a very natural setting. I like the poses to not be too forced and I want it to feel organic and fun (It's pretty easy to do with that my cousin Junior around, he's one of the funniest people I know). When it comes to photographing kids, they have roughly a one hour window before they start getting cranky or they begin to lose interest, so make sure to be patient and get as many photos as you can within the hour.

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