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Juliane + West Village

I was lucky enough to meet Juliane through a work photo-shoot. We hit it off instantly and she was so much fun to work with. It's always great when you immediately vibe with someone. Normally, people would just make plans to hang out and grab a drink. In our case we wanted to do both, and take some pretty photos along the way.

I had been wanting to work with shadows and palettes of white for some time now to create a sort of dream like feel. We shot inside Juliane's apartment which had amazing natural light shining in. I chose to style her in a white lace top because I thought it would go perfect with her blonde hair and the setting.

Later, we walked around the West Village and would stop and shoot whenever inspiration struck. I'm always a sucker for a vine wall and of course a classic brick wall. You really can't go wrong with either backdrop.

As we were walking, we came across this gorgeous grey townhouse that had beautiful window planters right outside. I knew the colors would go perfectly with Juliane's outfit. If there's any tip I can recommend when shooting outside, it is to be as aware of your surroundings as possible. Inspiration can occur at any moment if you are observant of your environment.

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